William Leslie

  • Mining Manager (overseas)
  • Father of 3
  • Ngati Kawau raua Ko Kaitangata aku hapu-Matangirau
  • Ngāpuhi nui tonu
  • Ahitereiria currently, soon to be Te Tai Tokerau

My personal vision for Ngāpuhi is about preservation of "Ngāpuhitanga". One where our people are not afraid to progress into the future.

A world where our children, and our mokopuna, can flourish without the beliefs that this is all we are capable of, and should settle for less, when we know and have always known we are capable of so much more, and deserve more.

(I make this statement on a system that I was raised with and schooled through - I know it has changed somewhat, but always room for improvement).

Our mana, wairua, tikanga and integrity for me has never been in question, it simply is. However, if we are honest with ourselves, we need to acknowledge our own shortcomings in addressing the root cause of some of the issues if we are to address them. The Government cannot address them all, it cannot be held accountable for all of them. There are aspects of our own upbringing and reference points that need to be dealt with within our pā, marae, kura, kāinga,and whānau.

We cannot dwell on the past, our very future depends on it. Our children's wairua is dependent on the building blocks we give them. It is for this reason that I wish ourselves a successful and expedited post settlement.

We are a "Paramount Iwi", and we should grasp hold of the gifts that our tūpuna bestowed on us.

We must progress forward with solid leadership, honesty and integrity, to take our place at the forefront of the nation's Iwi. Wealth creation is not simply about money. It can take many forms. It is our time.

This is my own whakaaro.

"Tihei mauri ora".