Piripi Rawiri

  • Big Wave Surfer
  • Teacher/Instructor
  • Te Hikutu

Ngaru Nui – Ngaru Roa – Ngaru Paewhenua

As a surfer you are firstly an athlete, entering the ocean, becoming a water man, observing the coastline, moon, tide, wind & weather patterns.

It is the year 2030 in a post settlement Ngapuhi. I see Hokianga flourishing with whanau who have returned home. The tourism sector has meant a change to the economic situation of Hokianga. Our natural resources returned as part of settlement have laid a whariki for development by tangata whenua. The Surf Hokianga programme is pumping with tamariki, rangatahi and pakeke learning to surf – or surfing as a recreational activity.

The moana is protected and kaimoana is plentiful. We surf when the waves are up and we fish and dive when they are down. We discover ourselves, our coast, our country, our world … in search of the perfect wave.

After decades of observing ocean life cycles, becoming marine biologists, hunters and collectors – we are now able to share our knowledge with others. We can host paying tourists and work to protect the moana – our huge natural resource. Kaitiakitanga o Tangaroa he mea mohio he mea ako ki nga tamariki.

Surfing a wave is the most incredible feeling of freedom, occurring concurrently with fear and speed – all at once, every single time – and no two waves are ever the same.

This is what I want our people to feel post settlement, a feeling of freedom, excitement and anticipation. I hope our people can again not just live but be alive –Maramataka!

"The West Coast Party is the best coast party because, the West Coast Party don’t stop!"

Tai Tama Tane

Tai Tama Tane

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