Noeline Taurua

  • Noeline is the Head Coach of the Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic Netball Team. She is a former Silver Fern, and was part of the team that won silver at the 1998 Commonwealth Games.
  • Noeline is also a mother of five, and she with partner Eddie reside in Rotorua.
  • Ngati Whatua, Ngati Rehia, Ngati Kawa aku Hapū
My vision for Ngāpuhi is about preservation of hapū rangatiratanga, openness and honesty and upholding the mana and thinking of those who stood before us in relation to both the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi and the Declaration of Independence.  Strong leadership, clear communication lines, a strategic direction and purpose are paramount.

Money or post settlement should not be seen as the answer to all the issues or problems that are currently synonymous within Māoridom or amongst the uri of Ngāpuhi, as sometimes money can “clutter” the mind and can lead to clouded answers or judgements.  

From my experience as a full time professional netball coach the answers always lie within. It is the brave who are willing to look there, act on what they find, gain the experience and wisdom and become true leaders who will ultimately provide the answers and solutions.

The ability to stand true under scrutiny and pressure and uphold your own mana and the mana of your team is the key to success and the backbone of unity. 

This is what I find is the difference between high performance athletes, teams and the rest who “merely” participate.

Personally I would love to see more high performance athletes or individuals collaborate on a collective basis for the benefit of Ngāpuhi.   People who are spiritually, culturally, physically, mentally, emotionally balanced in their own chosen fields or lives.

If the settlement provides a resource or impetus for the above to happen then that is exciting for now and the future.