Andrea Diaz

Ngāti Hine - 

My dream for myself and my whānau is to follow the footsteps of our Ngāpuhi tupuna by being the best we can be, and overcoming any obstacles. I wish to instil our Ngāpuhi tikanga in my children so they know, and can proud of who they are, and carry that knowledge with them in the future as confident individuals.

My aspirations for Ngāpuhi is to settle with the Crown, putting an emphasis on the importance of our Ngāpuhi-tanga to all our people so we can grow strong in our individual whanau/hapu, and an iwi as a whole.  I know settlement with the Crown is not the destination, but is certainly one gigantic step forward.

The opportunities that can follow settlement is immense and I look forward to seeing the greater vision of Ngāpuhi being realised.