Daniel Bell

Te Rōroa, Ngāti Pou, Ngāti Kaharau, Ngāti Hau, Te Māhurehure, Ngāti Pākau.

I live in Auckland with my “soon to be wife” and two beautiful young children.  

Many of my whānau agree that it would be awesome to hold an annual “Ngāpuhi Tāmaki Makaurau festival” in our own back yard.  We could meet other Ngāpuhi living in Tāmaki and just enjoy the day together.  Like myself, and many others who couldn't afford to travel home to attend the festival in Kaikohe, we could now join in the festivities as the travel costs would be more affordable.  Also other Ngāpuhi who live in Hamilton, or just out of the Tāmaki area, may also be able to attend.

When Ngāpuhi finally settle, I would like to have a marae established in Tāmaki, built by Ngāpuhi, for Ngāpuhi, under Ngāpuhi kawa so we could attend wānanga and learn about our Ngāpuhi tikanga, and our rich history and heritage.  We can then pass that knowledge down to our own tamariki and mokopuna.  I would also like to attend te reo classes run by Ngāpuhi, so we can learn our own reo with our dialect.  

My moemoeā for Ngāpuhi, would be a just settlement from the Crown that would create job opportunities, better health, education and housing for our people living in the north, and boost our economy making it a thriving place for all to live.  

I always feel a sense of belonging when I go home to the Hokianga for a holiday and am always fretful when I have to say good bye. 

My dream would be to bring my whānau home, have my own electrical business, and live on my papakainga land. Oh what a thought………….