Winnie Leach

The North is filled with amazing history from coast to coast.  There is so much to offer and yet so little opportunities are available.  Our young people have had to leave their whenua to seek employment in the bigger cities, it’s called “survival”. We have to start thinking about creating jobs to bring our people home.

I know there are a lot of young Māori who don’t know where they come from, or who their tupuna is. To find out more about your whakapapa, register with the Rῡnanga in your area and connect with your whanau. 

Following the Ngāpuhi settlement, my aspirations is that the “Ngāpuhi blanket” opens doors to Ngāpuhi of all ages with many opportunities and services; education, employment, health services and so the list goes on and on………..

Ngāpuhi stand proud of who you are.