Mātāhauariki is an internet initiative for all Ngāpuhi to create a vision for their iwi post Settlement. Mātāhauariki features famous - and not so famous - Ngāpuhi telling of their dreams for their iwi.

Says Te Rōpū o Tūhoronuku : "We want all Ngāpuhi to be interested and involved in the settlement process, and the internet is a way everyone can join in and have their say. Mātāhauariki is the layer of clouds just above the horizon and therefore symbolises we are looking toward a new horizon.

"We want our people to create a vision for our iwi when we've moved from grievance to post-Settlement. Our Mātāhauariki programme is unique. It's the first time an iwi has asked all its members to contribute their ideas for the future.

"This is a people's programme, and any Ngāpuhi - be they Kaumātua, Kuia, youngsters at school, up home in Tai Tokerau, in Tāmaki Makaurau, Australia or America; they're all invited to contribute and share their views.

"So far we've got Ngāpuhi talking about their dreams for the environment, culture, education and a greater Ngāpuhi presence in Auckland, where most of our people are. It's a fascinating project that is going to connect our people at this most important time in our modern history."

For more information on how to contribute, please call Mātāhauariki manager, Isobel Naera 0800 101 084.

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