Maranga Mai Report Released

The final Maranga Mai – Ngāpuhi Settlement Report that was received by Ngāpuhi today, seeks to achieve a united approach to settling the Ngāpuhi, Te Tiriti o Waitangi claims.

The report aims to address a number of issues raised by the Waitangi Tribunal on the Tūhoronuku Ngāpuhi mandate, which called for a strengthening of hapū rangatiratanga and representation as the Hapu of Ngāpuhi strive to negotiate a settlement.

An engagement group consisting of the Tūhoronuku Independent Mandated Authority (TIMA), Te Kotahitanga o Ngā Hapū Ngāpuhi taiwhenua and Crown representatives have recently worked with the people of Ngāpuhi, to develop a number of recommendations to address these concerns.

The Maranga Mai Report outlines processes to enhance hapū participation and representation at every level of the settlement negotiations. The enhanced structure aims to ensure that Ngāpuhi hapū are the decision-makers and drivers throughout the settlement process.

Tūhoronuku chair Hone Sadler explains, “We want to hold a live discussion throughout the negotiations about how redress will be managed, to ensure that the Ngāpuhi settlement achieves a robust, fair and enduring outcome for Ngāpuhi that will protect the interests of future generations. Our goal is to negotiate collectively in a regionally coordinated way with clear lines of accountability and resourcing.”

Kotahitanga co-chair Pita Tipene adds, “The report provides a pathway forward and it is important our people are given an opportunity to again, fully consider its recommendations. Communication is therefore critical. The development of hapū databases and a robust communications strategy are key priorities to ensuring that all our people are involved as much as possible in deciding the way forward. We’re grateful to the people of Ngāpuhi who have participated in the process thus far and we look forward to a new pathway capable of delivering to the needs of the hapū and ultimately to fulfilling our collective vision of a better future.”

The people of Ngāpuhi will now be invited to consider the proposals in the final Maranga Report which can be viewed at: