Ngāpuhi Mandated Authority told to stop letting the Crown dictate

Ngāpuhi Mandated Authority told to stop letting the Crown dictate
2 November 2016

Hōne Sadler, Tūhoronuku IMA Chairperson has signaled to the Crown that the Tūhoronuku
IMA’s (Tūhoronuku Independent Mandated Authority) commitment to engage in a transition
process will only occur if the Crown can confirm in writing that they acknowledge that
Tūhoronuku’s acceptance of the Maranga Mai Report defaults to the same position that Te
Kotahitanga has, as resolved in their resolution passed at their meeting at Kerikeri RSA on 20
September 2016.

Said Mr Sadler, ‘the intent to reach a fair and durable settlement is trivialised by the crown’s
interference in the affairs of Ngāpuhi. Of course Ngāpuhi want to settle. This is no longer about
whether or not individuals can work together, this is now about the Crown deciding what is best
for Ngāpuhi and we will no longer tolerate that treatment.

Te Kotahitanga have no mandate to represent any hapū, unless of course we are to accept their
mandate has been given by the crown.

Negotiations are not stalled, they are still to commence. We look forward to moving into a post
settlement era however this will not happen with the way the Crown is working with Ngāpuhi.
Ngāpuhi has therefore withdrawn from the Transition Process until such time as the Office of
Treaty Settlements Lead Negotiator provides documentation that both parties have accepted the
Maranga Mai Report in principle.

We believe we can effectively address any issues but will not engage in the Transition Process
until we have the facts. This is a matter of principle and while it is affecting Ngāpuhi today, it
could easily affect any other iwi tomorrow.

Said Mr Sadler, ‘The Crown must act in a fair and even-handed manner but it has effectively
chosen to side step responding to issues that seem very simple to address. With such a big iwi
some opposition is to be expected, but don’t expect people to accept the Crown dictating to
Ngāpuhi what is to be done and when, if they themselves cannot produce simple documentation.’


For further comment contact:
Hone Sadler, Chairperson, Tūhoronuku Independent Mandated Authority – 027 270 4915

*Ngapuhi is the largest Iwi in Aotearoa with 120,000 members;
**Tūhoronuku Independent Mandated Authority is the entity mandated by Ngapuhi to negotiate a fair and durable settlement on
behalf of Ngapuhi.