Open Letter to Ngāpuhi Nui Tonu

A step closer to settlement: Ngāpuhi and the Crown sign Terms of Negotiation

  • Terms of Negotiation signed between Ngāpuhi and the Crown
  • Ngapuhi settlement will bring cultural, social and economic advancement to Ngāpuhi and Northland
  • Negotiations to begin this year
  • Agreement in Principle possibly by late 2016

Last week’s signing of Terms of Negotiation with the Crown for the historic Ngāpuhi settlement is a moment for Ngāpuhi to celebrate.

It has been a long journey for our people, but at last we’re ready to get stuck in to negotiating the settlement that will benefit all Ngāpuhi.

It is 175 years since Ngāpuhi signed Te Tiriti o Waitangi, which the Crown began breaching almost immediately. And it is eight years since our Kaumatua and Kuia directed us to ‘get on with our settlement’.

Those eight years have not been easy, but we can look back on an outstanding achievement. Guided by our people, we developed a negotiating structure called Te Ropu o Tūhoronuku.

In 2011 we went out to ask Ngāpuhi to give their mandate to Tūhoronuku, and overwhelmingly - 76.4% of those who voted – Ngāpuhi, you said yes.

Last year we held elections for the representatives on the Tūhoronuku Independent Mandated Authority (Tūhoronuku IMA). Tūhoronuku IMA has a 22 member structure, with 15 of the 22 places at the table being hapū appointed.

Earlier this year, following a rigorous process, we appointed three prominent Ngāpuhi – Alison Thom, Hemi Toia and Joseph Davis – to lead the coming negotiations with the Crown.

Throughout this process we have kept our finger on the pulse of Ngāpuhi, through biennial Horizon Research surveys. In a new survey completed just this month, we know the priorities for Ngāpuhi everywhere are for iwi unity and to settle our grievances. The strength of this sentiment is growing!

Our people want us to move forward, from grievance to settlement, so we can advance as an iwi.

We want to be very clear: Tūhoronuku is ready to talk with any Ngāpuhi who wants to shape the path to settlement.

On behalf of the Tūhoronuku IMA thank you Ngāpuhi. Thank you for staying with this kaupapa throughout the delays, and know that the Tūhoronuku IMA and our negotiators are up for robust negotiations to get the best possible settlement for you, your whānau, our hapū and Ngāpuhi.

Please share this important news with your whānau. Go on to our website – the home of all Ngāpuhi settlement information – and find out how you can become involved.