Tūhoronuku Accepts Draft Mandate Report Recommendations

Media statement

The Tūhoronuku Independent Mandated Authority (IMA) passed a unanimous resolution yesterday to accept the majority of recommendations made in the draft Maranga Mai Report on the mandate to settle Ngapuhi Te Tiriti o Waitangi claims.

The report was developed jointly by the Tūhoronuku IMA, Te Kotahitanga o Ngā Hapū Ngāpuhi and Crown representatives in response to a Waitangi Tribunal call to strengthen hapū rangatiratanga and representation in the Ngāpuhi mandate model.

Tūhoronuku IMA representative on the joint engagement group, Moana Tūwhare says, “The majority of the recommendations have been accepted, and we’ve based this on the feedback we’ve received from Ngāpuhi through this process, but we also believe it’s important that the voice of all our people is heard and included through this process, in as many ways as possible. We remain committed to our whānau living in the cities as well as our kuia and kaumatua and will be looking at the best ways these can be represented. We’re also committed to the five region model for Ngāpuhi, as we’ve received no substantial feedback or reasons to change this.”

Tūhoronuku (IMA) Chair, Hone Sadler wishes to thank Ngāpuhi for all their input into developing the recommendations and acknowledges the work of the joint working party in developing the report. “Tūhoronuku have listened very carefully to what our people have said in this process, and we’re committed to developing a settlement which is enduring and meets their needs and aspirations. This report provides an opportunity to strengthen the existing Deed of Mandate in a way that empowers our hapū and iwi and we’ll be looking carefully at how to best make these changes.”

“We will look to further strengthen and develop the roles, responsibilities and accountability provisions laid out by the draft Maranga Mai Report. Tūhoronuku IMA is looking forward to Ngapuhi receiving the final report.”


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 Tūhoronuku Independent Mandated Authority is the mandated entity to represent all Ngāpuhi - no matter where we live – to negotiate a settlement of all Crown grievances against Ngāpuhi and Te Tiriti o Waitangi.